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تحذير: يحتوي هذا المنتج على النيكوتين. النيكوتين مادة كيميائية تسبب الإدمان.

7 Best E-cigarette flavor in Abu Dhabi of 2021

If you are looking for the best flavor of e-cigarette Abu Dhabi, you definitely have plenty of options to choose from. All these options are ideal for different types of vapers. So, if you find a flavor that you love but you don’t think it is very popular, you shouldn’t worry about it. The most […]

11 Common E-liquid Questions Beginners Always Ask!

Many new vapors or e-liquid users in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have lots of questions and myths regarding E-liquid. Here are answer for the few most common questions Does e-liquid expire? Vape liquid ingredients have a shelf life of approximately one to two years. Each bottle of vape juice must have a production date on […]