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When it’s time to replace your coil, you’ll have everything you need right here at Element Vape AE Dubai. We stock a variety of coils for every device, including coils from the biggest brands in vaping. Whether you use a starter kit or a mighty sub-ohm device, we have a coil for every style of vaper.  

What are Coils? 

The most essential component of any vape kit, the coil acts like the element in a kettle, which is heated through an electrical charge from the battery, which then heats up the e-liquid in your tank or pod device producing delicious flavor and rich, satisfying clouds.  

Also called Coil Heads or Atomiser heads, coils consist of a length of ‘coiled’ wire and a wicking material such as cotton that soaks up the eliquid which turns to vapor upon contact with the electrically charged coil 

Coils can be made from a variety of materials, including mesh wire, ceramictitanium, or kanthal wire, and every material produces a slightly different quality of vapor and flavor.  

What are Coil Resistances and Ohms? 

The electrical resistance of conductive metals, such as coils, is measured in ‘ohms’. For vapers, identifying a coil’s resistance in Ohms tells them how much vapor the coil produces, the kind of device it is compatible with and the style of vaping it suits, e.g. MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DL (direct-to-lung). 

High resistance coils usually range from 1.0 ohms to 3.0ohms. Coils with a resistance below 1.0ohms are known as ‘sub-ohmcoils and can range from 0.9ohms to 0.1ohms and lower. Higher resistance coils use a lower power output from the battery and tend to produce less vapor. Low resistance, or sub-ohm coils, draw a higher output from the battery and produce larger, denser clouds. 

What are MTL and DL vaping? 

MTL stands for Mouth-to-Lung, which is a style of vaping most familiar to smokers of traditional cigarettes. With MTL vaping, you draw the vapor from your device, hold it in your mouth for a short moment and then inhale the vapor into the lungs. MTL vaping most commonly uses high-resistance coils of 1.0ohms or higher that draw less output from the battery 

DL, or direct-to-lung, vaping is also known as sub-ohm vaping because it utilizes coils of a lower resistance – below 1.0ohms – to produce larger clouds at a higher output from the battery, which is drawn directly into the lungs. Sub-ohm coils can be found with resistances as low as 0.01 ohms up to 0.8ohms.  

The availability of coils in a wide variety of resistances allows vapers to find coils that deliver everything from a true MTL or DL experience to something in between, such as a 0.6ohm or 0.8ohm coil that provides a more ‘restricted’ MTL or DL draw, depending upon your preference.  

When to change a Coil 

Coils wear out depending on the frequency with which they’re used, the power output that’s used to heat them, and the type of eliquid. Higher-resistance coils that use less power to heat can last from 1-4 weeks while low-resistance, sub-ohm coils, can last from 1-2 weeks. The viscosity of your e-liquid can also affect your coils, with thicker juices often wearing out coils faster. You’ll know your coil has reached the end of its life and needs replacing when your vape starts to taste bitter, or very little flavor or vapor is produced at all.  

Use our Coil Finder to find your ideal replacement Coil 

With the enormous variety of vape kits and coils available, we understand that choosing a new or replacement coil isn’t always a simple matter. Fortunately, we’ve designed a handy Coil Finder tool that will help you identify exactly the right coils for your Vape device, often with multiple options to help you tailor your vape to your preferred style.